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Growing up I constantly heard “you’re so pretty for a dark skinned girl” or ” I don’t ever meet too many pretty dark skinned girls” . For so long I struggled with being a dark skinned woman. It was very difficult for me to be confident in my own skin, literally, simply because of my environment. My parents never made me feel like I wasn’t beautiful or that my skin was even an issue. Although, going to a predominantly white school all my life really effected my mindset of brown beauty. In elementary school there were very few brown skinned girls in school with me. It wasn’t until middle school did I really feel confident in who I was, due to there being more girls I could relate with. Not just physically but socially as well. No, I was never socially awkward, but I was able to relate to the people around me more. They had the same skin and hair as me, and was not ashamed. I thought I was ugly for so so long that I became ashamed of who I was….a change in my environment changed the feeling I had for myself. No longer was I ashamed but proud…Black and Proud.



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